Splat Reviews takes on the new Sliiv Stick Sleeves

February 2, 2011

By Lee Falco

The new "Sliivs" from Gruv Gear are drum stick sleeves that will improve your grip, comfort and appearance while rockin' out. Theserubberized stick sleeves roll over the bottom end of just about any size stick. They have anti-slip texture that comes in a range of graphic patterns and colors, over a padded, sweat absorbing surface.

I found the Sliivs to be very comfortable and maintained the sticks natural balance while playing. The sleeves helped grip and made sweaty hands no longer a problem. When playing match grip, the Sliivs are ideal and allow you to grip the sticks tighter with comfort. Playing traditional grip on the other hand can be uncomfortable with the sleeves on. The Sliivs roll on and off the sticks quite easily. Once on the stick, the Sliivs are firmly secured and can't be pulled off, they need to be rolled off. Being that the Sliivs aren't stuck on with adhesives or heaters makes them reusable and moveable from pair to pair. The Sleeves come in a variety of colors and graphics which can be cool but might look unprofessional in some cases. As an alternative to the colored options, they have a plain black that you can buy. I also found the sleeves to sound good when flipped over and played with. The actual sleeve was able to get a nice mallet sound on the cymbal but sounded like a normal stick on the rest of the drums.

It?s no exaggeration that the Sliiv drum stick sleeves are well designed and of good quality. I think these sleeves are cool and help improve grip and comfort. For $12 a pair, the Sliivs are a little expensive but being that you can take them on and off all you need is one set. They also seem very durable, so they'll last a long time.


  • Allow you to grip tighter with comfort
  • Reduce sweat factor
  • Maintain natural balance of the stick
  • Easily put on and taken off
  • Sound good when played with the actual sleeve
  • Colors and graphics may look unprofessional, but also available in black with black graphics.
  • $12 a pair

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