Your burning questions answered.

Q: What makes the V-Cart Solo different and better?

A: Here are some key facts to consider:

4 base configurations and growing
Platform cart, tilted cart, and dolly modes all usable for different loads, and the V-Cart Solo folds down small to fit behind the seat of a compact car. With the recent introduction of smart add-ons, the V-Cart Solo can now do even more. Many other competing products really only have 2 actual use positions, and are mainly designed to be used as a platform cart.

Practical "solo" sizing
Bigger isn't always better. Large carts are too heavy and cumbersome, and tend to get overloaded, causing load stability issues and failure from misuse.

Compact and light workhorse
No other cart folds down this compact, weigh just a bit over 20 lbs. and boast a staggering 500-lb. load capacity. Period.

Unmatched maneuverability
A short wheelbase allows you to weave through crowds and around tight corners easily, without feeling like you're driving a bus!

Designed from the ground-up
Not another copy of old idea, which you'll notice is prevalent in the market. We're here to innovate and not be a "me too" company.

We're sticklers about quality, fit and finish. You'll notice this in both engineering and design. The V-Cart Solo is not your typical industrial utility cart, but we were very intentional about the user-friendliness, superior engineering, and striking aesthetic design for our creative customers who care about quality gear.

Industry-first PU Foam wheels
Large and wide main wheels that won't ever go flat, offer similar shock-absorbency with pneumatics, but stronger and much lighter than rubber. They were also designed to have a center void for a very low rolling resistance, making the V-Cart Solo very easy to move. Our wheels were designed exclusively and are not available on any other product.

The V-Cart Solo's function is expandable
Smart Add-Ons now transform the V-Cart Solo into a tilted stage monitor stand, and a 6-wheeler long-bed platform cart, and more add-ons are on the way!

Q: Who should use the V-Cart Solo?

A: Anyone and everyone who has gear to carry owes themselves the favor of getting a V-Cart Solo. While bass players, drummers, keyboardists, guitar players, and DJs are a perfect match, the Solo can be used in most situations where you'd prefer to not hurt your back and fingers.

Q: How much weight can the V-Cart Solo handle?

A: The V-Cart Solo is rated to carry up to 500 lbs.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely! The V-Cart Solo is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, the best in the industry. Spare parts will also be available for purchase here on our website soon.

Q: Are your products available in stores yet?

A: Yes, our products are available in select major retail stores such as Sweetwater Sound, American Musical Supply, PSSL.com, Zzounds, Same Day Music, B&H Photo, and others. They are also being distributed all throughout Europe by our distributor, Adam Hall GmbH. You may also purchase our products directly at our online store.

Q: Where can I see a demo?

A: Check out demo videos here.

Q: Can you let me know when you launch new products?

A: Yes! You can also keep up with the latest by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, and of course coming back to our site every so often. If you'd like to get on our email list, just send a note to friends@gruvgear.com.

Q: I have more questions - Who do I contact?

A: Send any questions to us via our contact form and we'll be happy to answer them!