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Safety Tips

Updated 01/29/2012

We urge you to exercise safe use of our products and accessories, and carefully review and follow the safety and warning information provided. It is always best to use common safety sense. While we always strive to design our products with safety in mind, GRUV GEAR cannot be held reliable for injuries from improper or careless use of any of our products.


All Utility Carts / Handtrucks / Dollies

  • Always load items centered securely on the loading surface.
  • Before going to tilted "V" mode, make sure the sliding arm is securely locked in place.
  • Always tighten both knobs thoroughly before using a cart in any mode.
  • Keep hand and fingers away from pinch points when adjusting cart positions or modes.
  • Flat bungee cords are recommended to secure your gear, available for purchase here.
  • Never load a cart beyond its load capacity or higher than the handle, which may cause malfunction, risk of damage or injury, and will void the warranty.
  • Ensure that your equipment is fully secure before tilting or moving your cart.
  • Operate on level ground as much as possible, and never leave your cart on a graded slope even when empty. As with any cart system, take extra care when operating on uneven ground to prevent load-shifting and possibly having your equipment slide off the platform.
  • Do not operate your cart on dirt, mud, sand or other surfaces where particles are likely to enter the wheel bearings and axles, which may performance issues.
  • Store your cart in a clean, dry area to prevent moisture and rust damage.
  • We recommend lubricating your wheels with bearing grease every few months to maintain peak performance. Wiping white lithium grease along any sliding or friction areas of our carts is recommended to avoid damaging the finish.
  • Keep your cart clean by wiping it down regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth or paper towels. For excessive dirt, you may dampen the cloth using water, but dry the cart immediately. We do not recommend using any cleaning solutions or chemicals, as these may damage the paint and/or decals.

V-Cart Solo

  • Before going to tilted "V" mode, make sure the sliding arm is securely locked in place
  • Always tighten both knobs thoroughly before using the V-Cart Solo in any mode
  • Always hold the handle when the V-Cart Solo is loaded in the tilted mode
  • Keep hand and fingers away from pinch points when adjusting the V-Cart Solo
  • Never attempt to adjust the sliding arm angle while the V-Cart Solo is loaded
  • Weight capacity of the V-Cart Solo is 500 lbs. We do not recommend stacking of equipment higher than the handle fully extended.
  • Ensure that your equipment is fully secure before tilting or moving the V-Cart Solo.
  • Always have a secure grip on the handle while equipment is loaded, especially on tilt mode. The best way to tilt the V-Cart Solo is by grasping the top of your equipment (if tall enough), stepping on the corner of the caster frame, and pulling back with the handle at the same time.

Stage Wedge

  • Do not attempt to put on the Stage Wedge while the cart is loaded, as the cart may tilt forward and crush your hands.
  • Adjust the Stage Wedge length before attaching to the V-Cart Solo, and never adjust when equipment is already loaded.
  • Be sure to screw on tightly by hand before loading any gear. Do not use tools.
  • Always remove the Stage Wedge before moving the V-Cart Solo to prevent bending or damaging the add-on.
  • Only lower the handle to the backwards 90-degree position if the Stage Wedge and gear are already securely in place. This is only recommended if your speaker and/or amp doesn't go past the height of the handle knobs, otherwise keep the handle locked in the extended position.

48" Flat Bungees

  • Wear protective eyewear such as safety glasses when stretching, fastening or releasing hooks.
  • Do not stretch cord more than 50% (Example: 48" to max. 72"). Cord can be stretched more than 50%, but could cause failure of cord or hook & result in serious eye or other injury.
  • Inspect cord before use. Do not use if cord is frayed or hooks are bent or damaged.
  • Cord acts like a rubber band. Do not stretch cord towards or away from you to avoid being struck by hooks. Pull to one side and keep your face and body away from rebound path.
  • Do not use to hold large or flat surfaces which reacts to wind, like plywood or mattress.
  • Use common sense to tie down heavy loads:
    - Use several bungees,
    - Avoid friction to the elastic cord on sharp edges or abrasive surfaces,
    - Make sure the elastic cord is properly hooked before stretching the cable.

We offer the flat bungees for sale on our store to secure recommended loads - Heavier loads may require heavy-duty straps. GRUV GEAR does not warranty or replace these bungee cords, and we cannot be liable for any injury caused by misuse, neglect, or due to manufacturer defects. We strongly advise replacing old, damaged or worn out cords immediately.

Liability Limitations

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