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Damian Erskine Introduces His DuoStrap Signature Ergonomic Double Strap
Stadium Bag by GruvGear reviewed by Damian Erskine (Peter Erskine New Trio)
Ariane Cap (Cirque du Soleil bassist) demos the FretWraps String Muters and how she uses it on live and recording situations.
Bassist Jahmal Nichols speaking on all the attributes of the Stadium Bag by Gruv Gear
Stadium Bag by Gruv Gear: The largest multi-use cargo bag from our Venue Series, featuring a voluminous main compartment, exclusive "locker door" side access, removable soft shelves, and modular add-ons to organize all your gadgets.
On The Road With Jross (Bass Challenge) - featuring Gruv Gear Stadium Bag & Fret Wrap on Jross-tv with bassist Lois "Lo" Worth
Check out the amazing new MUVER 6 multi-mode pro gear transport cart designed for DJs, drummers, musicians and bands, and everyone else who has massive amounts of gear to haul.
Check out our 800+ pound load testing on the new MUVER 6 multi-mode pro gear transport cart.
Load tests with the Solo Lite demonstrating 300 lbs of cement bags being loaded and moved in the 4-wheel platform mode and in the standard 2-wheel dolly mode. The Solo Lite safely handles up to 250 lbs in any of its configurations.
A quick video with Jonathan Moffett during a photoshoot with the Solo XL. Jonathan is a living legend having toured and performed with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, Cameo, Janet Jackson, and The Jacksons.
A demo on how to use the V-Cart Solo personal gear transport cart. Jay walks through the various modes of the cart and offers safety tips when using it in each mode.
See how bassist Todd Johnson uses his V-Cart Solo to load in
Check out how easy and quick it is to roll your rig out after a gig!
We pit our compact, multi-mode workhorse head-to-head against a typical industrial cart you might find at a local home improvement warehouse. See how the two compare in ease-of-use, maneuverability, reliability, and storage size
A quick demo of how to mount the optional Stage Wedge on the V-Cart Solo
The new Solo XL with DJ Icy Ice of the World Famous Beat Junkies and Power 106 Los Angeles
On-location demos of the Solo Series utility carts
Norm Stockton performs "Blessed" at NAMM 2011 with Dave Owens and Keith Felch
Norm Stockton demos the Gruv Gear FretWraps string muters on Star Spangled Banner